I had an interesting conversation with someone who worked for a small non-profit company that has offices throughout the state.  They had a problem a few months ago where their Internet connection was down for three days.  This left them without any access to email, which was their main method of communication between the offices.  They hired a contractor to look into the problem, and they ended up migrating to everything Apple.

They now carry iPhones, iPads, and MacBookAirs or MacBookPros.  Their desktops are now iMacs.  They were able to find Mac equivalent software for everything they used except for one industry-specific tool.  So they are using Parallels to run Windows 7 so that they can still run that application.

They seem to be openly accepting this change.  So the question is, will other companies end up doing the same?  With Apple making such inroads in the consumer market, will companies be pressured by employees to give them Apple products at work?  I am sometimes frustrated when I am limited by my equipment at work.  I have several Macs at home and they just work.   I feel so much more productive using Apple products.

Christian Zibreg has a great article on 9to5mac.com regarding this topic: Apple’s enterprise mojo: One in 5 use iPhones, iPads, Macs at work.  He quotes a Forrester Research report that claims 46 percent of businesses surveyed issue Macs to their workers.  I think this is easy for smaller companies, but can it work for large enterprises?

Apple reminds me a lot of IBM.  You get great hardware but for a price.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.