Last night I was setting up all my development tools on my new Retina Mac Book Pro running OS X Lion. The current project I’m working on is using an Oracle database, so I needed to install Oracle SQL Developer. After the download and install, I started SQL Developer to verify it was working. I didn’t see the normal splash screen. I realized that I hadn’t installed Java yet and SQL Developer needs a JRE to run. So that is why SQL Developer didn’t launch properly.

The bad part was that SQL Developer hung and left a background process running that chewed up my CPU and memory. This was confirmed by running the Activity Monitor and listening to the fans kick into high gear. What I also noticed was that something was eating my disk space. I had FreeSpace running in my menu bar and watched as the free space on my disk was shrinking fast enough that I noticed it. I used jDiskReport to determine the cause. Turns out that SQL Developer generated about a 30 GB log file when it couldn’t launch due to no JRE. The log file was located at ~/private/tmp. After cleaning everything up and installing the JRE, SQL Developer launched properly.